Flights, Buses, Trains and Bla Bla Car 


Europe has so many different means of transportation. My mindset is to take the cheapest most cost effective method. Apps like “Go Euro" saved me, because it allowed me to research and compare all pricing options between destinations while traveling. Always book travel at least a day in advance to receive for a decent price, the further in advance the better. If you’re going  far, take a night train or bus so you don't miss any day time touring. If you are traveling in Europe for an extended period of time you should look into the Eurail pass.



Pro Tips

  1. Always book your travel tickets online it’s much cheaper and you get more options then at the station.

  2. Take the night bus or train when traveling far. That will save you time during the day.

  3. Try and plan a route that allows you to take quick trains and busses from place to place. Don’t just jump around.

  4. Dowwnload the transportation maps of each city you plan on visiting . This is helpful for times when you don't have wifi. It's good to have the schedules of busses, trains and metros.

Real time Pricing Example (All are One-Way, unless stated otherwise)

Flight from London to Amsterdam | Easy Jet £52.84

Train from Amsterdam (Schiphol Airport) to Brussels | NS International €36

Bus from Brussels to Paris | Oui Bus €26

Fast Train from Paris to Marseille | SNCF € 116

Bus from Marseille to Montpellier | Flix Bus € 9.00

Rideshare from Montpellier to Barcelona | BlaBla Car € 25

Flight Barcelona to Palma de Mallorca | Air Europa € 84 (round trip)