Don’t let money stress you out while traveling. Before leaving for any trip it’s best to create a budget and come up with a maximum amount of money you want to spend. Then allocate an average amount you want to spend on things like accommodation per night, meals, travel, etc.

Make sure you have a working debit card while traveling. Before leaving your home country, get in contact with your bank and tell them your travel dates. Otherwise your transactions might not go through. I found it easiest to purchase most items with my card. I received an exchange rate fee of 30 - 50 cents when using my card.

Always have some cash in the countries currency. Most places take card but for local transport and smaller shops you will need cash. Carring cash can also help you not overspend on the trip.


Pro Tips:

1. Most USA banks allow you to order the country’s currency but you will need to wait two or three weeks to pick up.

2. See if your bank partners with banks in the country you’re going to. If your bank has a partnership you won’t be charged a service fee when pulling from the ATM.

3. When pulling money out the ATM try to get out $80+ so you won’t have to go to the ATM often and receive withdrawal fees. A withdrawal fee is normaly $5.