Packing & Language


When backpacking make sure you only pack the necessities. It’s best to pack as light as possible just in case you pick up other items along the way. As far as the bag, I recommend the Osprey aura AG 50. This bag is super durable and allows you to bring a lot of items without adding any strain to your back. Note that this bag has to be checked on the plane and does not fit in the overhead bin. I never had any problems on trains or buses with this bag. Osprey has a few other bags on the market that are smaller and more convenient to travel with but you can’t carry as many items.

Packing List for spring in EU

1 Raincoat            2 Dresses                 * All travel size toiletries

5 shirts                  1 activewear set

2 Pants / jeans    1 gym shoes

2 Shorts                1 shoes of choice

1 bathing suit      2 bras 5 underwear




As an English speaker, I had no issues in any county because everyone speaks a little English especially at the tourist destinations. I recommend that you learn key phrases and the basics before traveling to a non-English speaking country. This helps you assimilate seamlessly into the culture and not seem arrogant for assuming people speak English. Pro Tip: Learn basic greetings and how to order food, especially in France