Backpacking and Staying in Hostels

Below are more useful tips for backpacking and staying in Hostels

1.Take a lock with key combination for lockers in hostel

2.Bring a quick drying towel

3.If you plan on making your own food at the hostel bring zip lock bags and permanent marker so you can properly store food in that community setting

4. Bring power adapters or universal charger when traveling. Power banks come in handy if the plug is far from bed it’s better to plug in a power bank for safety.

Tourist Packages

Often times locals sell tourist packages that may include a deal to the local attractions, before purchasing a package do your research on how much the attractions cost in general. It might be easier to buy individual ticket vs. packages


Most hostels have a washer but it can be pricy to wash a load. I only wash when mostly all my clothes are dirty making the most of my wash.  I recommend the new tide pods, great for cleaning clothes. You may find it easier to hand wash and dry your items while traveling.

The price range to wash can depend on how many items you have. The range is between $4 - $7 per load


1. I recommend traveling with a pair of hiking or good gym shoes, your feet will thank you

2.Bring a pair flip-flops to wear in the shower

Apps for travel

1. Hostel World - The app I used to book all the hostels I stayed in while traveling.

2.Go Euro - App that let you check all travel options in Europe

2.Rome2Rio - Travel App that provides guides and travel pricing

3.Skyscanner - Helps you compare flight prices

Apps to stay in touch with other  travelers

Whats App


Facebook messenger

Line ID ( Asia )